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Protect yourself against the Corona virus

Biozone's products effectively kill the Corona virus and eliminate other harmful, airborne substances. Test report.

The tests were performed by The Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS, The National Scientific Research Centre under the authority of France's Ministry of Research ) in bio safety level 3 laboratory in Lyon, France - one of the World Health Organization (WHO) collaborative center for Avian and human influenza viruses.

Influenza strain A/Finch/England/2051/91 H5N2 (316.000.000 viruses/ml) was sprayed as an aerosol into an inlet leading into a purification chamber. The first samples were collected from the inlet before the aerosol entered the purification chamber. In the chamber the virus aerosol was subjected to UV light and photo plasma-based BioZoneTM technology for 0.44 seconds, after which the second samples were collected from the outlet. The concentration was then calculated using the “Reed and Muench” statistical method.

The tests show that BioZoneTM technology destroys the strain of H5N1 virus, reaching 5.7 logs (99.9998%) reduction rate in less than 0.44 seconds.